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3/16/2012 1:35:42 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
I want to raise a debate between astrotheological and somewhat literal interpretation of the religious and mythical texts, emphasizing bible at first. I found these sites controversial and interesting + I'm researching this topic for myself.

First about the research methods and general dilemma

King David offers 1000$ for a person, that can prove that the story of Jesus was a copycat. My first thought about the challenge was that its impossible to win for many reasons. I read the discussion about Horus-Christ comparison which goes far to the original texts and hieroglyphs. One should be a linguistic, religion and archaeology expert to fully discuss on that level and at least on my side I need to trust on second hand resources. Very fundamental problem of every history or even science related topic. It might take tens of years to fully deepen knowledge of the old spoken and written languages, was it Egyptian, Greek, Hebrew or Sanskrit for example. So it is really impractical and impossible to go that far on research.

Same applies to the studies of the bible. Of course there is much more consensus about the translations and much more resources one can use, so stories in the bible might seem to be vulnerable for less interpretation that other older religious stories and myths. But nevertheless I need to trust on second hand translations of the texts, even if I use comparative original text lexicon like:

But I like the idea of tracing resources, no matter how questionable they are and make them clear for comparison. I'm interested to trace back stories of the supposed Sun-Gods as far as possible. My preliminary assumption is, that there wont be many dating back before common era. They didn't have such concept as comparative religion or myth research as we have today. They may have still been generating myths and legends actually! So best I can expect is to trace resources for some hundred years back and of course make own insights and theories of the told stories.

Second thought was about Sun -legends again in general. It seems that none of the stories are that much similar, that they can be traced without questions to the other legend. One needs to make assumptions based on general sense which is always debatable. So to make a link between myths and stories one needs to generalize them, which requires loosing the literal context and trying to find archetypes of the stories. That's basics of the myth research I think. But again, its very vulnerable for debates. We don't have original writers of the gospels here to examine, we don't have any of their thinking and writing process documented, we can only assume things based on the texts. Even the literal interpretation requires that assumption.

Which brings me to the next point, ie. to some questions I'm trying to find answers before stepping any further to the hypothesis of Christ-Sun / Gospel-Zodiac connection:

1) Could all evidences of the common knowledge of ancient times and beginning of Christian era together suggest, that they were well aware of the solar, night sky and zodiac behaviour as well as myths related to the figures of the zodiac? If they were, then its at least possible that bible writers could have used solar myth on basis of the stories of the gospels. Sure, even it was possible it doesn't mean they used, but its a good start I think.

2) When did they start counting time and predicting days as for seasons? It seems evident that it happened thousands years before Christ. Counting time was based on observing sky, sun, moon and stars OR observing nature and later on water clocks. I think on northern semi sphere its easier to predict seasons just by following average temperature changes, but nearer to equator I suppose it was harder so sky came more important. I also assume calculating time ie. rotation of the stars and planets was main interest for religious purposes.

3) When zodiac was created and where? Are there independent but similar division of the nights sky on other cultures, far east and America? What was Zodiac created and used for?

4) How much did they really use parallels on bible, both writers and Jesus? Paul at least was interpreting old testament by analogies and sees parallels of the story of the Christ and Adam for example. There are different stories by details, but has a link between. Could there be such links between Christ and other myths even they aren't really based on same story or exactly copied? If parallel is found, what could it mean? If they used zodiac on the basis of the stories, why it had to be hidden on parallel stories?

5) Little apart from the center of the topic, but still related to time and accuracy: why writers of the gospels didn't date their writings?

6) What are the main events of the Jesus ministry that could be treated like a myth rather than historical story? Apparently moral and ethical teachings cant be interpreted as myths. Just the frame of the happenings at max.

7) When did the first connection between zodiac and bible stories pop to the history documents? That could reveal a lot.

So there are few things I'm researching and I hope you can put some insights between the lines you see some sense and helpful. At this point I'm trying to make a reasonable compromise between self-thinking and quotes / citates of the other texts.
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