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What does it mean to 'reject God"?

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7/9/2012 1:41:07 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
Is it possible for anyone to reject something they have no knowledge of?


Let me explain:
Let's say a co-worker of mine sets me up on a blind date. Let's say her name is "Sarah". Remember, I have never seen Sarah. What if I don't believe my co-worker even knows Sarah. Perhaps, he described her as a 'perfect date", to perfect to be believable. What if I don't believe Sarah even exists?

Have I rejected Sarah?
Have I rejected Sarah even if she does exist?

All Sarah would have to do is show up, and ask if I'de accept.

Maybe my co-worker inaccurately described Sarah. Am I rejecting the real Sarah or the inaccurate portrayal of Sarah, which doesn't actually exist, even though she does. On all accounts I am not rejecting Sarah. I am skeptical of Sarah.

Skepticism does not = rejection
What can be expected from insane premises except an insane conclusion? The way to undo an insane conclusion is to consider the sanity of the premises on which it rests.
How long will contradiction stand when its impossible nature is clearly revealed?