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Why is perfection so important to God

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8/22/2012 9:39:40 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
I realize I often poke fun in what many would classify as disrespectful way to religion. I like to classify it as having a little fun. Regardless, I would like to better understand the concept of perfection in the role of Christian belief.

I just want to read answers and ask clarifying questions.

If God is perfect?

A. Why establish a locality or boundary (we shall call it heaven) that requires perfection (in the form of no sin) to enter?

B. Why set up a system of entities that are guaranteed for non-perfection? ("Guaranteed" either through the concept of inherited original sin or in the gift of free choice and inability to choose good over evil 100% of the time)

C. Why create two systems of such disparities when it is clearly possible for God to create entities which are perfect, eligible for heaven, and capable of loving him?

D. Lastly since God is everywhere he is in the non-perfect system and perfect system at all times. If he can tolerate being in a non-perfect system, why demand perfection in the entrance of heaven? As an ad on to that, why make the non-perfect system time bound but the perfect system not time bound?

The concept that we have to be in a non-perfect system to prove our love and acceptance of him because love can't exist in a perfect system, feels like an unneeded test which causes more harm than good.