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Banker, please read.

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11/25/2009 6:01:26 PM
Posted: 8 years ago
You've posted many, many threads on this forum, most of which are spam. Every one of your threads follows the same formula:

You start off with some sort of controversy. Good, because we like debate here. We like discussing different sides of controversy. Then, as soon as someone decides to offer a rational point against what you say, you go crazy.

You make accusations. You insult people. You negate their posts without logic and without reason. You are only interested in talking, you aren't interested in listening.

For all you care, no one else on this forum matters if they disagree with you, because you know that you're right.

That's enough.

On this forum, controversy is welcome, but only as a means to stimulate discussion. You do not welcome discussion, you do not welcome dissent.

In other words, you do not welcome debate. And since you don't welcome debate, why should debate welcome you?

I'd like to donate the rest of this thread to you, so that you can explain why it is that you absolutely refuse to listen to others, and why you think that your opinions don't warrant dissent, and that people should agree with you without question.

If you feel that I am labeling you incorrectly, then please explain yourself, because this is how I see you and I bet that this is how a lot of people see you.

And when you do so, please do us all a favor and type slowly, then check your spelling. If you have to read it out loud before you click "submit" to make sure that it makes sense.

: At 5/2/2010 2:43:54 PM, innomen wrote:
It isn't about finding a theory, philosophy or doctrine and thinking it's the answer, but a practical application of one's experiences that is the answer.

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