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Abrahamic cult members only. It is demonstrab

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10/19/2013 10:09:56 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Abrahamic cult members only. It is demonstrable that God has to be one of us.

The wisdom of God and his will can only be expressed by the interpretation of men and women. All religionists know this as a fact as they, wisely to a tribal mind, --- follow a church representative.

All religionists know that at the top of their church hierarchy stands a man who says he knows the mind of God, --- and knows him to be real, --- and we better agree or out we go.

Jesus foretold that at the end of days he would return and the elect would choose between the various interpretations of Jesus and that that was how we would know who he really was.

Abrahamic religions of all stripes and flags, over 3,000 so I am told, are all trying to grow their shrinking tribes locally when what we should all be doing is fighting secular control of our world, the religious world, away from us globally.

Fellow religionists, where is our wisdom?

The end of days is of course a metaphor. The point being made is that a divided church cannot stand and whatever church you belong to is not doing as well as it could if we all decided to amalgamate, so to speak. A rapprochement brings us all more of the profits that tribalism can bring. That is the driving concept of world-wide systems.

We all seek that personal touch from God. We unfortunately all have to be satisfied with the lowly touch of man"s, --- unless unfortunate enough to actually be cursed by the touch of God"s consciousness. The best we can do then is at least have a say in whom we are to follow to insure that we can live with his, or her, interpretation of what we are supposed to be believing. His Jesus interpretation has to be at least close so as not to shame. Answers for question like; how many wives would Jesus allow you? , --- need to be dealt with.

I think it is time for all within the Abrahamic cults who bother with the churches and mosques should try to move them to modernity and unity to give what is required to challenge the huge Governments, --- with an equally huge Religion.

It is time I think to drop our inadequate inherited Jesus" and have the prophesied election so that we as a group or tribe can at least give secular systems a decent challenge before we get melded into nothingness.

Do you agree?

Should we elect a new God, Allah, or whatever your particular cult calls God, --- to give secularism a modicum of a challenge?