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Demons & the Media Survey

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11/2/2013 9:28:36 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
I'm a student at IPFW, a university in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I'm trying to find participants to take a short survey for my English W233 class. The results will be used to write a primary research paper. The topic is on demons and the media, so religious participants are preferred, and all submissions will be anonymous. I'd greatly appreciate the participation. (:

Please answer all questions, inlcuding the demographics.
To submit your response, just reply with the number and your response.
For example:
Female, 18, some college
1. A
2. B
7. The Conjuring; C


Gender: Male Female. Age: ________________

Religion & church you attend :__________________ , ____________________

Highest level of education:
Some high school HS diploma/GED some college 2 yr. degree 4 yr. degree +4 yrs.
1. How informed would you say you are on the topic of demons and demonology in relation to your religion?
A. Not informed at all
B. I know very little
C. I'm not completely sure
D. I know what I need to know on the subject
E. I have a great understanding

2. How often is the topic addressed during service at your church?
A. Never
B, Occasionally
C. Unsure
D. Usually
E. Regularly

3. As simply as you can, explain what you know about demons in relation to your religion.

4. Have you ever heard of the demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren?

Yes || No

5. Have you seen any of the following horror movies: ( please circle all the apply)
The Amityville Horror, the Haunting in Connecticut, the Conjuring

Yes* || No || I've seen parts of ________________

*If yes, please state which movie(s) you've seen: __________________________

6. Based on what you know on the topic from scripture, are any of the mentioned movies realistic?

A. Yes
B, No
C. I can't remember what happens in the movie to answer
D. I haven't seen any of those movies nor any other movies relating to demons.

7. Which movie and which aspects are realistic? (If you believe more than one of the movies are realistic, please choose the one you believe is the most realistic)

Movie: ___________________

A. Behavior of the possessed
B. The sequence of possession
C. The exorcism
D. The appearance of the possessed
E. All of the above - the whole movie was fairly realistic
F. Other:__________________________________________
G. I haven't seen any demonic-related movies or I feel none of the movies are realistic
H. I can't remember what happens in the movie, but I remember it being realistic
I. I can't remember what happens in the movie to answer at all

8. Using the same options as above, which movie and which aspects are unrealistic?

Movie: _____________________ (You may use the same movie)

A. || B. || C. || D. || E: none. || F:________________ || G:haven't seen any. || H. || I.

9. Were you aware that these movies are all based on the true experiences of Ed and Lorraine Warren?

Yes || No

10. Lorraine Warren has stated in an interview that the depiction in the Conjuring is completely accurate, and even the Perrons, the family involved, stand by what James Wan (the director) did with their story. According to the story, they encountered phenomenon such as the presence of both harmful and malevolent spirits that stunk of rotten flesh and levitated their beds every morning at 5:15 over the time frame of nine years. Based on what you know from scripture, does this seem plausible?

Yes|| No || I'm not sure

11. Based on what you know from scripture and the way the media presents demonic encounters in general, would you say it's likely the Warrens could be a hoax?

Yes || No || I don't believe I know enough information to answer

Thank you so much for your time. Have a great day!