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Humans and the universe...

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11/21/2013 1:33:02 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him) and the universe

Lets think about a gardener who intents to eat apples. Because of his ability as a gardener, he would create an apple garden to have apples. But what kind of apple he has in his mind? When we say 'apple', the image that comes to our minds is always the same: a fruit that has the color of a shiny red, perfectly round and juicy... this is the idealized image of an apple in our minds. Lets call that apple, 'the red apple'. When the gardener creating the apple garden, the apple he intents to have is 'the red apple'
In the above example, the gardener symbols ALLAH(GOD), apple garden symbols 'the universe', everything in the garden except apples are 'everything in universe except humans.' Apples symbols 'humans' and the red apple(idealized apple the gardener intents to have) symbols Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h.). So the universe is(just like an apple garden) a human garden; and is created for humans. in truth it was created because of Prophet Muhammad because he is the idealized human.
Being that the universe is created for humans seems to be against the fact that the planet earth is very little comparing to vast universe, in the first look. But in truth; among the kind of objects constituting the apple garden, the one which has the least number is 'apples'. There are more grass, insects or other things than apples, ,in an apple garden. But no one calls there 'an insect garden' or a 'grass garden'... This has 2 causes: 1- The most precious kind of object in the garden is 'apple' 2- Garden was created for 'apples'. In the same way, universe was created for humans( in specific: for prophet muhammad) contrary to the minute amount of space humans(or planet earth) occupy in the vast universe...