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God comes simultaneously in role of human

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12/7/2013 12:16:22 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
God comes simultaneously in role of human incarnation & divine servant

Devotee: Whether Swami is the human incarnation or one of the top devotees from the inner circle of God.

Swami replied: God can come simultaneously in the role of human incarnation as well as in the role of divine servant as in the case of Rama and Hanuman. Hanuman is Lord Shiva who is the top most Boss (Eshwara) in the entire creation and He is never a servant to any body. Such Lord acted in the role of servant, which is the other extreme end. You can never smell even a trace of His Lordship in that role. For our sake, He has stooped down to such level of an animal at the feet of the human form. The diamond remains diamond even if it is kept on the earth and the stone is stone even if it is kept on the sky.

Similarly, God is God even if He is acting in the role of servant like Hanuman. Parashurama is a liberated soul acting in the role of Lord as one of the ten incarnations and Rama (God is actor in the role of an ordinary human being) insulted him for his ego. Hanuman was never insulted because the Lord (Actor) can never be insulted. Some times even the Lord appears to be insulted for His taste of entertainment in the defeat. Arjuna in the case of Gaya defeated Krishna and this is a play for the Lord. Hence, the nature of role, insult, honor etc., cannot affect the original nature of God (diamond) and the liberated soul (stone acting as artificial diamond).

Balarama (Actor, the liberated soul) is the human incarnation of Adisesha, acting in the role of God and is counted in the ten incarnations. He could not be given the maintenance of the entire creation instead of his external thousand heads because internally he is a liberated soul only and cannot do the work of God to maintain the entire world. Sesha means a part of God and can only maintain a part of the creation and hence only earth is given to him for maintenance. Hanuman is a monkey externally and the brain of monkey is very much unstable. It cannot design even a small work. But He was given the post of creator because internally He is God and can design the entire world.

Hence, Hanuman was made creator of the world and in fact He is already God internally as actor. Hence, becoming creator is only apparent. Therefore, the power of position is related to the internal essence but not to the external appearance (Upadhi). The power lies in the internal actor but not in the external role. Hanuman exhibited the climax of service in that role in order to be an example for devotees. His life is His message to us. Rama also behaved like an ordinary human being to show the protection and success of human being sticking to the justice (Pravrutti). He showed that the final success is only for the justice.

If injustice wins it is blame to administration of God...

People do not have patience in this world to get justice. If injustice wins it is a blame to the administration of God only and therefore one need not worry about this. God will take care of the justice and he is capable of protecting the justice even in the last fraction of second by turning the tables round. For us even to turn a physical table hours are consumed. But you should remember that the justice is decided by God who is aware of all the births of the soul (Bahuni me"Gita) and all the previous deeds.

He is aware of internal bad soul, which may be hidden, in a human body with innocent external nature. Abhimanyu was a very innocent boy but he was a cruel demon hidden in the body. Krishna knows it and so got him killed. You will blame Krishna for the injustice in getting Abhimanu killed in the war. Therefore, you cannot be the judge to give the judgment with limited knowledge of the present birth and with the ignorance of internal structure of the soul.