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Where is the God of the Bible.

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12/10/2013 8:54:36 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
This was my ( saint Brad's ) first official writing for our Creator on June 16th, 2008, a few hours after He had me write "Proverbs of Truth", which I posted a few weeks ago.

Where is the God of the Bible?

The Lord has been teaching me today about the truths of the Bible. They startled me but as I kept listening to the truth, I learned more about the great apostasy that"s been deceiving billions of people since the Bible was given to man.

This is the word of the Lord for those who hear my voice. I will keep you safe from the deception that will come forth from this word. This is the true spoken word from our Father who is in spirit. The spoken word of God comes with power that keeps the truth protected by using a loyal servant filled with the Holy Spirit and the spirit of truth to testify to the truth of this spoken word of God. This man, who I have chosen from long ago, was made spirit so that through him, I could send the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Like Jesus Christ and those who came after him, who also received this spirit, have all testified to this truth of the gospel that brings eternal life. The men of old, who also knew God, told about this Messiah that would lay down his life for those who know him and deliver them into the kingdom of God. All these men with faith knew God"s eternal plan to find the lost sheep and lead them home again. He used the faith that these chosen few received to use them in obedience to spread this gospel of Jesus Christ. With power and the truth that these words of God have been spoken, the gospel of Jesus Christ will reach safely to those who hear it. Without this power and the spirit of truth to testify to these words, the truth would no longer be in them and they would lay dead. It was established before my creation that the living word of God brought forth his creation of a perfect spirit filled world.

Everything that God speaks is the truth. Since he is the creator, there is no one to deny it. All his created images he spoke into this world. These spirit filled images that he created with his word, knew his voice because he lived as a spirit within them. Adam and Eve were created in his image. God is a spirit and he created them a spirit first. Then he put them into his kingdom and gave them all his creation, to live and enjoy his creation in union with God. He planted them a garden and put in two trees. One of them was the tree of life and they were told to eat of it.
The other tree was the tree of the fruit of good and evil and this one he said, was not to be eaten from because if they do, it will cause them to lose their union with God. This means that the spirit of God would no longer be in them.

Satan, the dark angel that was casted out of God"s realm, knew about this commandment of God so he approached Eve with a deceptive word that she believed. He told her that if she ate of the fruit of the tree of good and evil, that she could have all the world and the knowledge thereto and with that word of deception by Satan, she ate of the fruit of the tree of good and evil. Instantly, the spirit of God left her and exposed her to the dark world where Satan had been. With her guilt and shame for not listening to God, and knowing her union with him had parted, she went to deceive Adam to eat of the same fruit of the tree of good and evil, so that she wouldn"t be parted from her man Adam and live a life alone separated from God. After they broke their promise with God to not eat of the fruit of the tree of good and evil, they knew they had done wrong. God, knowing they had broken this promise, asked them what they were hiding from him. They told God that Satan had deceived them and told them to eat of the fruit of the tree of good and evil. God had told them to not eat the fruit of the tree of good and evil so that meant they broke their promise with him. It didn"t matter to God what happened to them once they broke this promise. The commandment to them was all that was required to stay in his holy grace, but Adam and Eve, by lying, blamed Satan instead. They couldn"t face the guilt and the shame of breaking God"s commandment; therefore they turned to their lives and their sorrows, and walked away from the spirit of their Father and creator of them. Without the spirit of God that gave them abundant life, they now had to live in toil and sweat. This new world of good and evil was the world they chose by not obeying the commandments of their God and Father.

The word of God comes with commandments for those who obey him and live by them. When you break the promise to obey his commandment, he asks for forgiveness instead of blame. This act of disobedience without forgiveness is the reason for separation from God.

After losing his first world"s creation to unforgiveness, God used Noah for his first act of faith. By faith, Noah listened to God and built an ark to usher in a new world and save some of God"s old creation. It is through faith that God"s new redemption plan will be used for the lost. The one"s who have broken the commandments with him. By faith it is possible to be saved in this age, if you believe in the Lord God Almighty. With this belief you will be saved and return to your God in spirit. With this new reunion between you and God, you can eat from the fruit of the tree of life again. By eating this fruit you will experience life in the way God intended for all his creation.

Faith was needed to restore his word so that it could be carried to the future foretold. If this word wouldn"t make it to the end of time, God would lose his whole creation. He knew Satan would try to deceive those who listen for their Master. The spoken word is the only way possible to get the word forward for those in the end to avoid the big deception that Satan had planned.

Each time a prophet or saint with God"s spirit, whose faith was in the true God our creator, was used by God to speak his true word, Satan would come in and attack it. The true word of God would soon begin to lose its power, when its words are changed, deleted or edited by men who did not have the spirit of God and the truth to testify to it. This is the reason God"s word had to be spoken through men who received his spirit because of their faith that God really existed. These men who have died in the flesh, by allowing God to come into their hearts and live in them, were given the spirit of truth so when God spoke his words into their hearts, they would know them to be true. This is why they always say their name and that they testify to these true words of God. If these words were not testified to be true, the words would have no power and the word would not go forward.

When Jesus Christ received God"s spirit, he knew he was a messenger of God because God reveals the whole truth of his word after receiving his spirit. Jesus Christ, with the knowledge of his Master and creator, spoke the true words of God as God moved him to speak them. Everything God told him to say, Jesus would obey him. So the spoken word, testified by Jesus, would be known by those who had faith in God. The people who have faith in the God who created the universe will hear this spoken word and know that it"s him. The word that has the power is the word without deception. When the word of God is altered through people without the truth in them, the spoken word of God will lose its truths to carry it to the end.

To be continued in the next post..............
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12/10/2013 8:56:23 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
All the saints recorded in the Bible named Jesus, Peter, John, Paul and the others, were those of them who had the faith to allow God to speak through them, and make sure this word of God reaches to the end of times so people can be warned of the great deception of the Bible that was altered to deceive billions of people from hearing the true word of God. The Bible that was written many years ago, contained the spoken word of God but after Jesus begins speaking God"s word, Satan begin to attack it. Those people who heard this spoken word and knew it was God"s voice, were delivered into the kingdom of everlasting life. It was only faith that was needed to believe in the true God, to receive the spirit that was lost because of unforgiveness after disobeying his word.

This great deception got its start as soon as the true spoken word of God had been delivered. Satan and his demons begin to deceive those listening by altering the word, just like he had done to Adam and Eve after God had given them a command.
After Jesus Christ received the spirit of his Lord and Master, he was attacked by those who wouldn"t believe the true spoken word of God that was written in there Torah. Since Jesus Christ had the truth of God written in his heart, he knew exactly who was deceiving him. The spirit of God within him would speak the truth to these deceivers, which protected the truth until those who heard these words, were delivered by God.

After Jesus was convicted from those who deceived him of God"s truth, he was killed for his obedience to God"s holy will.
His spirit was witnessed by all his disciples and many others too. Jesus told them before he went back to his Father in spirit that he would send them the same spirit that he had when God was living in him. This was needed because God the Father knew the great deception ahead.

These faithful men of God and their new spirit filled souls went forth with the true word of God, witnessing to others who heard the voice of God. Their effort to spread the gospel of faith in the one true God in Jesus Christ our Lord, however, was stopped by the jealousy of the Jews, who because of their unbelief in their God that lived in Jesus Christ and their inability to stop this spirit with his persecution and death, they convinced the Roman leaders that the new movement in Christ would take over their kingdom and lose their world dominion.

They begin to kill all the saints and the believers thinking they would end the word that was delivering them to their kingdom, the kingdom they thought would threaten their world rule. After killing the saints who carried the true word of God within them, they gathered the believers in this Christ movement and told them they would protect them if they lived by their commandments. This new Roman Catholic Church consisting of believers in Christ, would soon be without the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Without a new saint to bring forth God"s true word, they were unable to keep their faith in the Lord.

The former words of Jesus and his disciples were altered by men who didn"t have the spirit of God and this created chaos for those who believed in them. Many of the teachings that Jesus and his apostles wrote, were no longer the same gospel of our Lord. Without the gospel being told by a true saint, the true church of Jesus Christ was prevented to advance and the apostasy that came with it lasted till this hour, when Jesus Christ my God told me to send this true spoken word out.

For those of you who look for their God in the scriptures of old. You won"t find him because he is gone. He"s in the future right here in this word. He"s told you the truth of what happened to the true church of Jesus Christ. The cornerstone you see is the spirit of our Lord that could not be captured and contained. For God"s spirit only resides in those faithful servants who believed in him. The faith that Noah had to deliver God"s word into the next world is the same faith that"s needed to deliver his elect into the kingdom of God.

I, Brad Holkesvig, a saint in the Lord, have witnessed all these true words spoken by God. I was the one who wrote down the words that were given to me by God"s spirit and the spirit of truth that is within me recognized all these words to be true. God"s spoken word will go forth into the kingdom of heaven.