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More quotes about Christians.

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12/12/2013 10:23:44 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
A religious man"s heart is hidden by the blood of Jesus and any other excuse he can use to keep sinning.

If you want to keep from learning the truth, just ask any Christian.

Religions started when Adam and Eve decided Satan was a better preacher of God"s Commandments. People still believe he"s the best preacher.

Religion is the only way man can feel clean. God"s way takes too much faith.

Sabbath day is for people who didn't listen to God's other commandments.

The secret to Christianity is to not believe the truth.

God has no room for sinners. Did anyone tell the Christians that?

Salvation was for everyone without a body.

The Christian qualifications for Bible study is to believe anything you want as long as you don't disagree with them.

Pastors are people who try to convince their flocks that Jesus lives in their hearts so they can keep living in their swell homes for free.

The church of Jesus Christ isn't quite the same as a Christian church. It doesn't have a floor, walls, windows, doors, ceilings, roof, pews, altar, pulpit and not even a good sound system.

Forgiveness doesn't come before repentance but it works great in Christianity.

The only time Christians confess to their sin is when they get caught sinning, then they'll use a lie that makes them look forgiven.

If the word "spirit" was taken out of the Bible, nothing would change for the Bible believers.

The spirit won't tell you if he's God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit because the spirit doesn't believe in the triune god.

Christianity is the only place you can have eternal life without ever giving up your sinful life.

A conservative, rightwing Christian has it all wrong. God isn't conservative, right wing or Christian. He's anti-religion, anti-business, anti-war, anti-greed, anti-sin, anti-disobedience and anti-anything of man's.

God's commandment to not have other gods before him doesn't apply to Christianity. They are saved by their own laws.

To know the truth in Christianity is the beginning of a new denomination and leaving the lies of the last one.

The only part of Jesus Christ that Christians don't understand is the truth.

According to Christians, Jesus should have skipped preaching the gospel because they don't obey God anyway.