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Going against Ego!

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12/21/2013 11:48:03 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Point is "I" want others to fulfill my rights, rights from any perspective either I call them right, other call them right or even if no one call them right, I have to spread the rumor around here & there in the surrounding that I have the glasses through which I can figure out the downfalls of others. I'll try to state the goodness that would make myself impressive. I would choose all the best ever lecture to talk for in circles to show a positive view, but I would never state my lacks, my mistakes, my negativity rather I would never consider that. That's our "I" type of attitude. But what makes me a human is much more than caring myself. When ever I fed my ego I never got the satisfaction. I missed out the internal peace. I would rather love to feed others even if I'm hungry. I would rather love to sacrifice even if I can get the penalty. I would love to resist my self if it goes against others' right. I would love to forgive others even that pulls my ego down, actually that deliver my dignity level. I would love to bear others when they're doing wrong with me, but I can never let my self to do wrong. Other way around, I would never find a way to justify myself.
Remove the "I want", remainder is the "peace". ~Al-Ghazali~
"This time will also pass", a dose to cure both; the excitement & the grievance. ~Ayaz~