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Madman's scripture.

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1/3/2014 8:35:27 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Just look at this.
Madman is discussing god's omnipresence.
Now remember madman only ever uses SCRIPTURE. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
There are more ways to be omnipresent than the one.

God is omnipresent not because he is here on earth, since he is in Heaven and never leaves it. He is omnipresent in that his angles are his eyes and ears, and they do get everywhere.
madman's god is housebound, poor dear...............LMFAO
So God is omnipresent by proxy you might say.
I especially like this one^^^^^^ hahahahahahahaha
Another way of looking at it is that he looks down on this universe like a Fish-keeper looking down on his fish-tank.

His mind and heart are always with us.
Apparently madman has god's heart in a jar on his fridge hahahahaha
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