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scientificmiracle as a proof is irrational

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1/21/2014 7:24:29 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
when you talk with muslims and ask them evidence for quran is from god, they say:

"Quran has lots of scientific miracles and e.t.c"

let us consider that the quran has miracles{without analysing whether they are miracle or not, let us accept it as a miracle.}

does it prove that it is from GOd?! I think no. because, qurna is not just for 21st century or later, it is used as a word of god since 600s or 7th century.

what if we were living in 13th century? there was no scientific datas as we have now, then muslims couldnot have used them and couldnot say: this is a miracle.

so, using this as an evidence for its divinity is irrational.
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