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What is a saint?

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1/22/2014 1:37:55 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
When I tell some new believers I'm a saint, they believe it. Many other believers don't have the information in them to handle this but since God chose for them to be believers, they keep listening to me anyway. Unbelievers reject everything I say or write because they don't have any information from God to connect spiritually with me.

A saint is the flesh that God uses for His purpose to testify in writing, speaking and bodily actions from our true created existence called the Word of God, also known as the spirit of God. The spirit of God is the Kingdom of God, which exists as thoughts spoken into vibrations within our Creator's mind.

The visible things we see including our own flesh, the flesh of other beings and the things of this world ( Earthly Kingdom ) are only illusions that we believe in. Everyone born into this world in a body believes their body is real because we can feel it, smell it, taste it, touch it and speak with it. We can also experience emotional feelings that is very difficult for us to understand since we can't see emotions except by the way the flesh reacts and how we see those reactions. Because God's illusions are so real looking, we believe this is our true existence.

However, our invisible God's plan was to reveal who He is and who we are during this first age. In order to do this, He planned on using flesh called prophets and saints to testify in writing, speaking and bodily actions that would help us understand who our Creator is and who we are in Him.

Starting with God's first human being ( an illusion that we call a physical body ) that his first spiritual ( invisible ) man occupied, He had to teach this man's flesh how to do everything except to breath air, pump blood throughout his veins, and other bodily actions that babies don't have to learn how to do, such as grab onto the finger of his parent, etc. So all human beings are born with some information that is already taught within their spirit. Most of this information forms each human being's personality, looks, race, etc. through what is known as genetic traits. But most everything else has to be taught to human beings through their senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, etc.

Speaking and emotions are used by human beings as reactions to what we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. This is how language was established but these have to be taught by our Creator. So the first human being ( flesh and spirit ) had to be taught a spoken language so that he could communicate to other human beings and share his emotions. This way, he could share his emotions of joy or happiness when he touches, smells, tastes or sees the illusions of this world ( Earthly Kingdom ) with a spoken language they both can understand.

The first human beings had no idea that they were created as invisible vibrations called energy which were spoken into existence by the Voice of God, also known as the Word. From the time the first human beings walked the earth, it would take our Creator thousands of years to teach His people that they were created as thoughts within His mind, which we know as visions and dreams today. A very intricate plan had to be made in order for our Creator to teach us who we are in Him so starting with the first prophets, He began teaching us where we came from.

Prophets and saints are bodies that God uses for His purpose to reveal who we are and where we exist for eternal life.The prophets were used by God to form a story line and testify to prophecies about the future that He would later use as ways to teach His saints our invisible created existence.

The prophets were the first human beings to experience God's Voice within His mind, which is also our mind. However, they were not used by God to learn the past, present and future, which is ALL God's knowledge, or hidden language that is taught to His saints who appear as illusions later on starting with the times of the Roman Empire. These illusions called saints, which we see as physical human beings. are born into this world like all other flesh of man. They are blinded to the hidden knowledge of God like all God's people are, including the prophets, but these future saints would eventually be used by God to be a testimony of our true created existence in God's mind. This means, they would be taught directly by our Creator, everything He wants us to know about the past, present and future and be used to read the prophecies so that God could interpret them and reveal their true meanings about the future.

Many of the prophecies are about us saints appearing in this world to testify to God's knowledge, which is our invisible created existence. This is how God would teach us that we're invisible vibrations called energy today but the first saints didn't have the computer technology as we have today for God to teach them exactly who we are. God could only get them to understand that they were made invisible within Him. He had to teach them with analogies like seeds in the ground that sprouts into a full grown tree. The seed buried in the soil is our invisible created existence and the visible tree is the earthly kingdom that we can see, smell, taste, touch that we can talk about and feel emotionally. We can't do these things as invisible vibrations of energy because these vibrations have to be processed before we can experience visible things.

So a saint learns about who we are In our Creator but we also learn that our flesh called a saint is only an illusion that will perish in this world. We learn that ALL flesh has to perish in this world because this world was made to make us believe in it as something real The visible world then, became the strong delusion to keep God's people from knowing who we really are within His mind as vibrations spoken into existence by His first creation called His Voice, or Word of God.

God also planned the illusions of this world to decay and die to keep His people deceived even more. This plan is called the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil", also known as Lucifer, Devil, Satan, the Wicked, etc. The beast is God's plan that would be used after the flood to get His people to build things to use as ways ( analogies ) to help us saints understand who we are. By starting out with basic building blocks and teaching His people to build the modern computer technology, He has many ways to teach us our created existence. Now we know what vibrations of energy are used for, which is everything. This is our true created existence and everything we see, smell, taste, touch, speak and feel emotionally is nothing but processed information because vibrations are God's language, Information is language.

Now you should know what a saint is.