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A diffrent point of view on Reliious faith

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1/29/2014 1:02:23 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
King Solomon Z Aleve the First.
Seeing the world as a unified but countries without borders there is only one people and a king and I am. There shall be no war among us. The world is divided into different boundaries of different countries different kings. But the prophecy is what we follow. I see the whole world as my kingdom. I am a king without a crown without are my people and fighting for them. whatever they are kings or slaves. Cut down the tree and got the lion to bow to me. This is our story of our king our struggle who do everything for what it is. The whole world is grateful for what he has done for us. He sees the world as a whole, no limits no countries. The people belong to him who is praised. He sacrificed everything to free ourselves. He made his way out of hell and the zeal he was locked in and develop religion. For God The Almighty Creator. Where we come from who we're fighting for. Who leads us into light the dark soul and spirit. The King Allfa & Omega. Creator of Jude Star, Christian Cross, Swastiska Star, Knights Cross, Spiritualism and Rasta Faria. Comes from the Lord Master teacher Allfa & Omega. God's most powerful star in the sky that defeated the sun. Creator Over Nothing, Paradise, Heaven, Earth, Hell, Sea and Tomb. The man who became king after defeating the righteous lion. King of our time here on earth. The man who f"rstog both good and evil by God. God the almighty creator is even with us in our ways to defeat our sins in order to continue this path of liberty.
God The Almighty Creator
Light is a flying star called Genesis. Darkness is a Black Star called Nemesis rainbow is created by diamonds that mirror of red yellow and green crystal associated with rain and sun. Religious symbols that go to the spectator is David's Star / Jude star as a creation of angels, devils, animals, humans and beasts and natural characteristics that was the creator of this religion. The cross is created in several points of view it is possible to see that the Father, Holy Spirit, Son, alpha & omega. The swastika is an understanding from the creator's point of view of heaven, hell, life and death. This is my interpretation of religion, the Bible, the Koran and the Torah.
God, the Almighty Creator Is eternal in its discretion when it need not be not sj"lsligvarelse. God is in what we find and dream about. Evolution is built on the souls of father / mother / child 3 souls together, they may find the light / dark / spirit / Sign. God is infinite.
What's in our history and those who played a role, however. Jesus / Allah / Judah King David King Salemon King Selassia. Even Bob Marley played a role in what we find in religion. Christian Cross Jew Star Svastiskt cross. Buddhism and the yin and yang
God is in evolution O Sprits are within the revolution [] The darkness is within Big Bang. {} This is just assertions about what there is free philosophers is what carries us forward in around the big picture. The soul is what is within us. Which is not a creation? Go on to say that Holy Spirit really.

Find your way in the search for the answer to what we are.
The system we live today says that money is worth more than a human. But a man can make how much money anything for money means nothing really. So to say that one can appreciate a man is just a game in this system: Money never means anything. A genius can create billions, trillions, etc.. But it has everything so you always want to share what you have. We are not an under god we are neither good nor evil. Mental slavery is to have to put a word in reaching that says a thousand. So when I say a god, I mean. So what I want to give the expression of the truth of what God is and what it says to each one, God is different for everyone. But God is within us all. So what I'm trying to say is that God not only creates two paths. Nothing is about differences that Good and evil, small and big, etc.. So what I want to express is not words. but this picture is how I feel I want to express myself. The light is within us all. No one is just good or bad everyone has a value that can not be measured: Love is the way we all should wander. For a ensamv"g is no way we can walk.

What is the meaning behind a religion anyway?
How is it that we all of us strive towards God and heaven. How can we live our lives to the fullest? What exactly do we need content in our lives? How are man made R03;R03;up? There is a trinity inside man. From what we are refreshed and how we are as a personal individual and how our trip goes through life what takes us from being children to becoming adults in this life. People are created by the love and passion and sex drive. Allowed us to create new life not knowing what we really are going into, becoming a parent is changing almost every individual's life to the utmost. The fact that it does not apply to oneself, but you are responsible for something bigger than themselves. Will many confide in religion. They want to find who they are and what the meaning of life is. How can we fulfill all those desires we have that illusion about the future life will be and look like. But life tackles all different and throws us into a spiral of God at the top and the devil at the bottom. The creation of what society looks like in day mode. We live in a class society with no limits on where our development will lead. But life is a challenge where you have to throw yourself out for daring to be in what happens in our lives. Man is made R03;R03;up of three parts inside ourselves. We are guided by three parts of our inner being in the documents we do during our existence races during a life. God is one of us all and we are all one with everything. Intulektieten within each individual for it to grow towards the goals it seeks. Man's curiosity is what drives us forward when everyone wants to go to the side. We gotta take a chance of ever being able to win in the long run. Man is an intellectual being, so that we'll keep on as we do in this world will not be able to continue without someone actually have to stop and tackle them problems the world actually. The statement does is create an awareness of what things are and how they work and what we can do to change the world we actually live in today. But what then get people to want to change us? What gets messier and prophecies that go out and seek the truth on the path we will walk? What is the revelation that turns out for these that we need to change? Is it that they actually wake up and start questioning things about what it is.

Evolutionary theories Revolution God
Creator of God Nothing / Heaven / Paradise / Nature / Hell / Hell / Sea and Graven and all the elements that are both natural and over and under natural forces if the god learned to create paradise through life plant which cannabis is and ought to excite equally very that man should be allowed to have their existence. Over that God uses it as a tool in their creative of everything and nothing and nothing. Be a creature can be compassionate toward yourself and treat it as they encounter the wish to be treated. God created the universe out of ingesting and god comes from the time before time even existed and create the universe in order to excite in a place where everything finally once created. For us to be able to fight in order to excite the way we want and where we want. There is no limit to God. Creation of the devil and the creation of good and evil, and more. creator of the new evolutionary theory that if a monkey learned to pray to god and had children with a female which lede that it was constantly evolving each time it came up brings us to this human guise. That we might come here planet earth. John Flux Theories of evolution creators of Revolution If everyone was equal, and all were unique and special but still equal. like that man we have become through development to adapt to the Earth's environment and to survive in the same room with e