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Why is religion so controversial?

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3/3/2014 1:24:15 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
As part of the studies in Psychology to which I am planning to return, I am now planning to take an Open University course entitled Why is Religion Controversial", a topic which would seem to be obvious, but since it is a level 3 module and a 60 point one at that I am going to study it anyway.

It also inspired me top throw this question open to everyone on here for your comments.

It starts in October and I can hardly wait, but if anyone out there can access the Open University website, the full module description is available on

Fortunately, as a disabled pensioner I can get my studies free, but that probably won't be possible for anyone out there, unless you too are in the same position.

My more immediate module in the unlikely event of anyone being interested starts in May and is a humble 30 point Level 2 course entitled.,

Just to blow my own trumpet a little (well no-one else is going to, lol), so far I have completed and passed:

DSE141 Discovering psychology 30 points Level 1
AA100 The arts past and present 60 points Level 1

Only 210 points to go until I get my degree, lol.

Open University study is available from quite a few countries and if you can get it, I would thoroughly recommend it, especially if you have a disability, they are extremely helpful to the disabled.

Anyway, back to topic, how would you answer the question the title of this thread poses.
It impossible to make a horse drink which is not thirsty, or eat if it is not hungry.

Likewise it is impossible to teach a person who does not wish to learn. Matthew 13:15.