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Religious Mudslinging: A Semi-Coherent Rant

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3/3/2014 8:59:36 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a rant by me, Nidhogg. Today I will talk about the reason why the religious forum is little more than a war zone between people that just can't get along.

The religious forum in it's ideal state is a place where people of a multitude of faiths and anti-faiths (my word for atheism and agnosticism) can get together and begin to understand each other. In reality it is a bunch of people with little grasp of grammar typing words designed to inflame and shame the opposing views. Why is this?

First off, most intelligent theists and atheists have long ago realized that to argue is futile and it is better to simply work towards your own life than to try to be a missionary. However some, shall we say, less eloquent members of both camps believe that it is their job to use pseudoscience and logical fallacies to convert the heathens of the other side to their faith. This invariably leads to every single thread becoming crowded with people who have little to no idea about the topic simply regurgitating Richard Dawkins quotes or Creation Museum "facts".

No one is above this. As much as these people all believe their cause is just they merely further the stereotypes attached to their faiths or anti-faiths. An atheist visitor to the religious forum could see that almost every Christian poster was either A) a troll or B) A person with poor grammar and very low social aptitude. A christian visitor would cement the highly unfair stereotype that atheists are all toxic forum warriors with a collection of Dawkins quotes longer than the Bible.

Neither of these examples represent the theistic or atheistic camps at all. Most Christians have the ability to formulate coherent sentences and understand science. Likewise all the IRL Atheists I know are great non-judgmental people. But religious mudslinging distorts the image of these bases of religious thought. It hurts everyone and helps no one.

So please, if you spot someone obviously toxic on this forum DO NOT ENGAGE THEM. They will never learn or change their minds. And I ask that before you hit caps lock or put the creation "museum" in your citations, consider how you are representing your faith or non-faith. We can make the religious forum humane if we stop pointless missionary work and try to get along.

Together, we can make the religious forum a more humane and intellectually stimulating place instead of a mud pit

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