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Yoga & Yoga Rudha

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3/13/2014 1:08:58 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
There are two methods of expressing meaning of any word. 1)Yoga: word is used in its root sense 2)Yoga Rudha: word is used in root sense & simultaneously it is fixed to a particular item only. The word Brahman in Yoga means that which is greatest in a category. This word is not Yoga Rudha. If you fix word Brahman to God only, you should not use this word for any other item. But word Brahman is used to mean Veda also as we see in Gita.

So, this word can be used to any item if root meaning is satisfied. The soul, which is made of pure awareness is most delicate & is greatest item in creation. So, soul can be Brahman. Since it can be used to any item on satisfying the root meaning, it can be also used to mean God. So, students thought that soul is God & by realizing the soul, they can become God. Since they believe in existence of the soul, they have to believe that God exists. They cannot cross more than this level at that time due to their ignorant egoism and jealousy to a greater item called as God. If you open the trick they will reject even the theoretical existence of God and they go to the original stage. Something is better than nothing.

The mother makes child to eat food by telling that moon will come down if child takes the food. By this you cannot say that mother is trickish and cheated the child. The aim of mother was welfare of child & trick can be used due to unavoidable ignorance of child. Commentary of Sankara is thus a lesson for class containing below average students.

Sankara cannot reveal entire syllabus because they were below average unlike Arjuna who was above average. But few students who became personal disciples of Sankara became eligible to know higher truth. So, Sankara revealed higher truth to such limited circle only. He swallowed molten lead for sake of such limited circle only & established concept of God other than soul & concept of human form of God.

Shankara"s disciples are realised"

If you say that the students have not realized the self fully to perform such a miracle, it is not correct. They were trying for the self-achievement through out their lives staying very close to Sankara. If they cannot attain self, nobody can attain self. They have attained the self very well and left their families and were detached even from their bodies.

Such a miracle is possible even for a demon because demon believed in existence of God other than himself and did lot of penance. Such miracle performed even by demon indicates the power of Lord only in an indirect way. Such power could not come to the Advaita scholars because basically they were wrong in not accepting God other than themselves. If you follow the correct path, you can become God and can even become the master of God.

Hanuman and Radha never spoke that they were God and they have become God and master of God respectively. Thus, I do not obstruct your chance to reach the goal. I say that you can go even beyond the goal if you travel in the correct path. Hanuman never expressed Advaita in the entire Ramayana. No Advaita scholar can be greater than Hanuman. Hanuman knows all the Upanashads in a better way than any Advaita scholar. This single point is sufficient to say that the path of Advaita is wrong, where as Advaita and more than Advaita is also correct.