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Puritanism: Good or Bad Idea for societies?

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3/16/2014 9:36:13 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Puritanism rears its to me quite ugly face periodically in most every society's history with accompanying acts of social violence where one set accuses another or all others of not following their particular set of social behavioral rules. The accused are punished for their "crimes" to various degrees ranging from shunning to imprisonment to tortuous homicide. Puritan societies usually last briefly as puritanism seems totally an unsustainable human quality, no record of long-lasting puritanical societies, even the ones claiming puritanism always found to be full of hypocrites breaking their puritanical rules, e.g. most modern Muslim societies.

On debate, we have at least one puritan who considers "drug" use of any kind detrimental to one's mentality and detrimental by extension to society in general. My President recently said marijuana is no worse than alcohol and several States have legalized pot. The world is filled with drugs, sex, and sexual music, movies, and there's no anthropological reason to see this diminishing, sexual interest, taking intoxicants to temporarily escape "normal" reality and re-create oneself being human behavioral traits seen universally across cultures and time and space.

To me, it's a matter of education in one's home, one's schools, one's community, one's society, on how to deal with intoxicating chemicals. It is not a matter of this person or this group telling that person or that group what they can or cannot do, i.e. because it is a universal human condition it needs to be treated as such, like we do with how we have sexual arrangements, how we express ourselves artistically, how we LIVE a normal human life successfully. I say, the guy or gal who works hard all day at the end of the day grind deserves a break, so to each his or her own, down the 'atch, mates and don't be bogartin' that there joint yer holdin' burnin' yer fingers. Careful we are there, aye, fer tomorrow's anuther day.