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John 17:3

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3/19/2014 10:30:47 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
In John 17:3 Christ says that getting to know his father and himself, is the key to Eternal Life.

Why would he say that?

If you receive a letter from a friend, but you not understand much of what he says because of what you know about him?

The same applies to knowing God and Christ.

If you study scripture so as to truly get to know God and his son, spoken of by Christ as two separate beings tellingly enough, and with no mention of holy spirit, it is far easier to understand what they will, or will not do and why, therefore it is far easier to understand what they can and cannot mean by certain words or phrases.

Only by knowledge of God can you approach the truth about him, and Christ is the model by which we can get to know his father.
It impossible to make a horse drink which is not thirsty, or eat if it is not hungry.

Likewise it is impossible to teach a person who does not wish to learn. Matthew 13:15.