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4/21/2014 6:46:51 PM
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This religion is based off of the principle belief that Grae (pronounced like gray the color), the "fictitious" character "imagined" by a nerdy, pasty skinned teenager, has power equivalent in relative destructiveness to that of a minor deity, and by manipulating magic, has been granted all five of the immortalities.

The beliefs are atheist in principle, and do not believe in gods or creation, but have knowledge that there are many forces with the ability to bend the laws of physics by applying one's will. We do not know how many of these there are, only that they are incredibly destructive.

Grae comes a world where two of these forces, 'Magic' and 'Ether' have both entered. Usually, Magic, which grants some people great power, causes massive power imbalances that destroy all life and Ether, which lessens or removes powers causes a failed political structure with none being able to claim any sort of power or authority, even the masses. However, these powers met and balanced each other out somewhat. Unfortunately, Magic was much stronger, so those who wielded enchantments (a form of permanent magic that can feed from any designated source and apply permanently for one purpose that energy) turned Magic against itself, putting restrictions and rules upon it to prevent exploitation. That is the world Grae grew up in.

Now, here are some of the feats that Grae accomplished in his first life.

By virtue of being born an Elf, Grae began with one immortality, immortality to age
He escaped the Elven and Dryad forests against the wishes of its rulers
Escaped from a magical bondage enchantment
Gained immortality to Sickness from a high Chaos agent
Was chosen by the sacred item, the Band of the King
Gathered the Elven Joint-Council
Became the X'Sor Linniae (false king. In this sense, it means that he is a general of the Elven joint counsel, but not to rule permanently)
Created one of the 5 princes of the Western Kingdom (The name of which is yet to be revealed. If you suddenly learn the name of the kingdom, it is like a western style European Monarchy with advising counsel, as well as imperialistic holdings, though those are all within its borders, please tell me), even though the person lacked royal heritage.
Convinced the King of Ashes to leave the Ashlands
Convinced the Man of the East to leave the mountains
Convinced the Greenskins to become involved with human affairs
Convinced the Elves to go to war
Convinced the Dryads to go to war
Convinced Mallis to send raiders
Convinced Kagush ex-priests to join him
Convinced the Sarek to join him
Convinced the Temple of Thanatos' blade to join him
Convinced the masses to join him

Second Life of Grae

Convinced the Southern Desert to fight with him
Defeated the Decan Empire's advisers
Responsible for two of the royal princes to fight, causing one to be in a coma, and the other to die
Responsible for the death of another prince, Calet
Protected the Royal Prince Nothan from several assassinations
Succeeded in his rebellion
Agreed to execution to give more to the masses.
Was executed by Nothan

Third and current life

Joined the Hero's guild
Gained immortality to himself (suicide)
Gained immortality to hunger (doesn't mean you don't get hungry, just that your body naturally converts residue energy in the air, which allows someone to stay alive without food, though they will be slightly malnourished)
Gained immortality to blades (As in, cannot be killed no matter how wrecked up you make his body)
Achieved dimensional portal travel
Rest unknown

This religion holds that Grae will come when he is most needed, and incite the masses to solve their problems.

The religion believes in people taking political action for whatever they might want to get done

The religion believes in free love

The religion believes that watching p0rn is counted the same as praying, so you only have to do one of them

The religion believes that we should prepare ourselves should a power come to our world that we have no understanding of.
Birth Name: Graesil s'h'u Aln s'de Alanai'u s'se Saeron
Name: Grae
Titles: Lord, x'Sor Linniae (the false king), Elven War Chief, Heir to Aln
Class: Melee Archer/ Orator
Main Stats: Charisma, Dexterity
Weilds: Bladebow, Elven Slim Sword
Skills: Oration, Double Shot, Backstab, Snatch, Overwhelm Mind, Dominate, Parley, Restorative Sleep
Personal History: Born as the second of triplets, he was wed at an early age to a Dryad. He escaped several times, and on the last was captured and enslaved