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Life after death. Immortality ?

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4/24/2014 10:18:13 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Are assurances of an afterlife why people seek out their particular religion?
Like unless you are someone that claims to have returned from death we really don't know or can't recall what the alternative to immortality is.

As an agnostic I am open minded to the concept and not just because I need assurance. I would be devastated and no doubt scared if a doctor suddenly announced that my death was just weeks away. I'm no longer young.

Some years ago I saw a documentary called "The boy who lived before" and it was one that would challenge any sceptic.

From a young age this boy in Scotland kept referring to his Barra mum and another place he'd lived or come from. His real mother had tried to dismiss it for a long time and even approached phycologist and various so called professionals to explain it.
Without getting answers and getting more desperate she sought out and contacted this guy in America that had dealt with another kid from Brazil I think.

Getting to the point . Barra was an island somewhere off the coast of Scotland that his parent or parents weren't even aware of. It was one comprising only one or two thousand inhabitants as I recall.
It was mainly reached by light planes that landed on a beach.

This fact and many other had been related by the boy who also related that he fell while playing hitting his head on a rock at the back of his house facing the seaside. He described the house the family dog and even the surname of his parents.

Travelling to Barra and once there he described things familiar to him but there was disappointment at first in not finding the house and that there were no residents living there by that surname.

Having looked in a number of places they were about to give up when they received a phone call from where they'd been for the residential information. It was discovered there had been an owner of a place on the island with that surname. But they had sold out or had at some stage moved to live on the mainland.

With directions they went to find this house and it was just as he described with very few details incorrect.

His reaction as they arrived was interesting. The boy who was normally very talkative went really quite. There at the back of the house where he described a particular gate and where he'd fallen was just as he said but a bedroom appeared different.

The details he'd been giving since he first talked about his Barra mum where uncanny. Not everything was totally accurate and the surname may have spelt a little different.

While he'd continually talked about it beforehand he never spoke of it again after going to the house.

I'd seen something similar to this when a women travelled to England. She never been or lived there before but felt compelled having strong feelings of living there before in a previous life.
This was also remarkable as they travelled down a particular road she was describing what laid ahead and also at a university site described areas where the building had been altered and bricked up.
Old plans confirmed she was correct in ever detail.