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Nurture, Development and society

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5/16/2014 11:38:58 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Atheists don't go around killing people (most of the time), why?

I have heard a lot about how atheists have no morals or that they are closet Christians because they do have morals. I don't think our morals come from a book, in fact the morals that we have constantly change. It used to be okay to pick on the guy in a wheelchair but now, even in school, people understand that it is wrong.

Some Christians get this warped sense of reality that since some things where in the bible, then the reason we do (or don't do) these things are because its in the bible. Thing is even biblical ethics change. It used to be pretty common place to sell your daughters into slavery and the bible doesn't say its wrong by any means (exodus 21:7). We came up with it being wrong all on our own. We also came up with women's rights, ethnic rights, and more recently gay rights. These are ALL opposed in the bible, and people didn't care enough to keep them. I believe, and i think most would agree, that we develop our morals by the way we where raised.

So why don't Atheists (and other religions not widely recognized or without text) just keep sinning? why don't we kill people? Well for one, Its against the law. Actions have consequences and there is reason people don't want to break this law, possible death or seclusion. The other reason I believe is conscience, the same reason that atheists donate and volunteer. It feels good to be "good" you get to feel accepted by others. This social acceptance is a need in Maslows Hierarchy (

People need people.. not a book to tell them how to live..