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Weird story in the Yazidi "Rish" Scripture

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5/17/2014 10:17:11 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
The Yazidis have two scriptures, Al Jalwa and the "Rish" or the Black Book. In the former, Satan (who is not the evil guy according to the scripture) speaks in five small chapters to his believers. The Arabic in that book is merely plain literature a 14 year-old could outmatch in stylistics and meanings. However, the latter is beautifully written with a good range of verbiage and descriptive passages, but it contains some grammatical errors and many ridiculous stories, one of which I felt like sharing in this post.

[The Arabic turned into numbers so I'm just leaving my English translation].

After a hundred years, the Peacock King [Godly creation before the world] asks God, "How would Adam be fruitful and multiply?"

God replies, "Command and planning were left in your hands."

The Peakcock King came and told Adam, "Did you eat from the forbidden tree?"

Adam responded, "No, because God's word is final."

The Peacock King replied, "Eat from it. Good will happen to you."

Adam ate the fruit and his stomach was blown up, so the Peacock KIng exited him out of the garden of paradise and left him, while he headed up to heaven.

Adam's stomach was aching because he did not have an anal pathway. So God send him a bird which came and pecked him, opening a butt-hole for him, and so Adam felt relieved.


The funny thing is that animals and Adam were created simultaneously in that scripture by a heavenly King called Nora2eel, and the animals must have had buttholes and anal pathways, so I don't see the significance of this point. Lol.