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Call it what it is...

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5/20/2014 6:06:22 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I often ponder, of late, why there has been such an huge push in recent decades to reconcile monotheistic beliefs with reason, science, and reality. Throughout the time that religion was the dominant force, both spiritually and politically, religious leaders never felt the need to actually prove anything. An assertion by clerical leadership was once all that was necessary in order for whatever was being asserted to be accepted as fact.

Belief in the supernatural, especially those based on "holy" manuscripts, is entirely about faith. One must have faith, else all religion comes apart. It doesn't just come apart at the seams, but the very fabric of any religion is rent, because it is made of faith. My questions (seriously), are as follow:

1) Why has faith recently become insufficient to the task of maintaining religious doctrines?

2) If one is truly comfortable retrieving their guidance, morality, knowledge from their chosen/inherited "holy" manuscript, why is it so hard to simply state, "I have faith in this."

3) Why must it (faith) be accompanied by (what we consider to be) a litany of unsubstantiated connections between what science discovers and "new interpretations" of the words of scriptural errors which were purported to have been received/revealed from an omniscient "divine" source.

While I am, indeed, being very tongue-in-cheek about this, I am curious to know the answer. None of the science of how stars create atoms, become quasars, pulsars, magnetars, etc., have anything to do with religious beliefs, and have zero impact on "prophecy." None of the biological endeavors will change religious views, in the least. Why must every scientific discovery, creation, and extrapolation be reconciled with previously believed doctrines, even when they are in direct contradiction? I don't understand the need to insist that science "proves" anything supernatural or "divine." If it's faith, call it faith. In my estimation, having to find a way to connect discovered reality with ancient superstition shows an infinite lack of faith...
Logic and Reason are the precursor to Justice.
Faith and zealotry are the precursor to Folly.