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Paradise earth. How do you remove fetishism?

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6/3/2014 3:34:57 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
How do you remove value?

Academically my background was Anthropology and although its purpose in most cases was not to question religions philosophy it gave me a heightened sense of questions about ecosystems and the way that things are ordered and subcategorised. A skyscraper needs a foundation to become what it is going to be for example.

I was no star pupil might I add. My question here is more for personal insight as I am curious as I get older to understand the greater universe and am looking for alternative hypothesise.

My question centres on value. How do you remove value from "things"? we understand "things" because we fetishize like totems. Right? Example: If you had a choice of a gold and silver coin I may choose the gold. I may value its texture and colour making the silver coin redundant and less valuable to me other than its economic worth that it may have outside of this argument. Capitalism in a wider sense is the fetish of "EVERYTHING"

There is a point to this, bare with me.

Try and think of life without capitalism. How do you remove its sense of order in everything which is built on equals and non?

I think of capitalism not just in an economic/materialistic sense but also in emotional and its many other possibilities.

I have friends from Christian/Muslim backgrounds and they regularly discuss the theory of paradise or an afterlife.

In a paradise earth or Utopia where there is no pain or suffering how in "that" world do we remove the understanding of "value & order" in not only that context but universally for everything?

Binary opposites usually explains what I"m trying to say but we commonly use the terms good, bad and evil. It seems that "evil" or "bad" potential needs to exist to understand opposites. To understand "things" purpose. Does that mean that evil cannot be removed? How do we without knowing what evil is remove the possibility of it?

I believe Karl Marx once gave an argument about capitalisms destructive nature that a tree may have once been a tree but a craftsman (human for this case) then made it into a chair for him to sit on. It was comfortable and the chair made a useful tool but the tree became powerless from its own existence as it was torn from its roots and robbed of life. We as humans fetishize things that are already fetishized but the tree displayed little sense of worth to him - but does that make the tree less significant? In a paradise earth, what about these organisms? Does this not suggest the room for "bad in "perfect" world? for its potential? We already see that man is its own worst enemy.

We are interdependent creatures which is how we understand self image.

Another example: In a paradise of existence of equality where there is no imperfection and no sense of destruction, disadvantage and emotions of jealousy, neurotiscm and so on, how is the sense of another having knowledge that we do not have not going to affect us? Even if one is not immediately bothered by it, the natural impulse would be to recognise a sign of inadequacy. Would we not sense a feeling of subordination? Think more forensically about the thought process rather than the end point of "jealousy". Think more about the stages your thought process takes before forming an emotion that frames a whole network of feelings. Is religion saying that our thought process will change? That our spirits won"t have these processes? feel those feelings or react to the subtleties of hierarchy at every level? Do we simply become heavenly beings who are perfect? Does our quest for knowledge cease to exist? Do we become mindless robots?

If so, do we not become the tree that is made into the chair knowing that we are not our own master and that we are slaves to the craftsman but also others?

I understand that energy cannot be destroyed. When a cigarette is smoked the white skin of the body and tobacco underneath may disappear but in fact its energy still remains and is now being used at another level of physics in the universe. I see the afterlife as the same but I try to understand our "identities" in this world without adding a narrative to it and anthropomorphizing it. i am not sure on this one and am careful because i can only see an afterlife that is stripped of character and reincarnated in another form. Like the cigarette.

The thought that lingers is that there does seem to be a sense of governance. I came across the theory of Pandeism:
Pandeism (or pan-deism) is a theological doctrine which combines aspects of pantheism and deism.[1] It holds that the creator of the universe actually became the universe, and so ceased to exist as a separate and conscious entity.[2][3][4][5] Pandeism is proposed to explain, as it relates to deism, why God would create a universe and then abandon it,[6] and as to pantheism, the origin and purpose of the universe.[6][7]

what are your thoughts?
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6/11/2014 10:20:20 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Since Satan will no longer have any power to distract, the mind will be free to exercise, increase, strengthen,etc. The reasoning powers of those there will only be enhanced. So the desire for knowledge, life increasing knowledge, will be joyfully expected , encouraged. If GOD wanted robots when we get to heaven then HE would made robots and saved HIM some time, don't you think?