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Tamar, the daugher of King David

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6/20/2014 11:16:01 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Are you looking for a cartoonist to attack in revenge for a story book character? You Muslims are so backward in historical knowledge which makes you dangerous as you really do believe a "King David" and a "Tamar" existed as the Hebrew invented story goes because you don't know anything about the real history of the writers of the Bible stories. Please take some university level courses in Near Eastern history and start with The Bible Unearthed archeological information that exposed the Bible as literary creations of Hebrew priests and scribes between 700 and 300 B.C. Muhammad was not told this historical information and so you Muslims as mental clones of Muhammad, don't know it either. But bible scholars know it now and it means there is NO Spiritual Authority coming from Moses, Paul, or Muhammad as you cannot derive spiritual authority from lies and liars. Myths taken and promoted as "real history" is at its End Times. Only blind faith can keep it going and blind faith is impossible for people who reason in their beliefs and are not sheep to be shorn by the rising tide of real as opposed to religious propaganda history becoming known to the world.