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The Prodigal

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6/21/2014 12:44:07 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
In the story of Christ the Redeemer, or Savior, of the world, Christ is crucified, descends into Hell, and is resurrected. As merely a man he descends into the bowels of the earth and resurges as a god. It is in the putting to death the ego he plunges into outter darkness, or subconsciousness, to find his soul.

We, too, are merely humans, in search of our souls; or, as some have put it, "our selves". All too often, we project the innerworkings of our minds onto the outside world. We see the story of redemption as something working within the collective; the Church is our salvation; "God" is defined, by the collective, and not we, ourselves.

However, as in Christ, so, likewise, in us. We are both human and divine, both gods and mere mortals. The salvation we seek is found in that which is lost. Meaning is found in contradiction. Christ was made fallen, so, that we might be redeemed, a man, so we might become gods. This Christ of which I speak is who we are. We are but two sides to one coin; in us, exists the conflict of the ages, between the Heavenly host and the minions of Hell. As christs, we do not seek to further the divide yet bring reconciliation. We create out of two, one reality; Heaven and Hell are joined as one; God and humanity are reunited; the the prodigal becomes the heir; the lost becomes found; and, the profane is made holy. Life can only find meaning, as that which is and that which isn't are made into a single reality.