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Unending Paths

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6/22/2014 12:28:42 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
These paths are primarily spiritual in nature, which alongside religion can include the paranormal and (evolution) science.

An example would be the UFO phenomenon (Ufology). People who chase after evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. There are UFO phenomenon chasers who seem to wind up on a never ending road in an endeavor to uncover UFO mysteries (governmental cover-ups, sightings, abductions, interviews, disclosures, etc.). The more they pursue, the more they become absolutely convinced that extraterrestrials are in contact with our governments. Of course this could all end just by a big spacecraft from another planet landing in one of the world's capitol's, and letting us know what their intentions are. This never happens, so at the end of the day, the UFO chaser, while becoming more compelled by the evidence, can never quite close the deal.

Another paranormal type phenomenon, Big Foot (and Yeti), same principle. The chasers of the phenomenon fall into the same trap. As long as they chase, more evidence seem to pop up, but nothing can really ever get resolved.

If a skeptic were to travel along the road with one of these paranormal chasers, they would either lose interest and back off, or they would have to go along keeping an open mind about the ever increasing evidences that the pursuant finds. In other words, they wouldn't be able to prove these phenomenon completely false.

The same principle seems to apply to evolution. It's a bit different in that since it falls into the natural science category, taught in public schools, holds majority opinion status, it appears to hold a more socially accepted role. However, it's the same dream chase. The same dangling carrot. The pursuant, the one following it's path is saying the same thing as the UFOlogist. The evidence, although compelling to the pursuant, is meaningless to the one following the creationist path.

The creationist path, the same principle. I as a Christian follow this path, and if anything, become more convinced of it every day. However, there really is no way to convince another who is compelled by a different path. I believe it's a spiritual matter. I don't think an evolutionist can easily get off that path without spiritual enlightenment. One of the arguments used against creationism is the fact that most are Christians. Even the former atheist/evolutionist, when they become a creationist tend to also have converted to Christianity. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I think there's a very good reason why creationists tend to be Christians. I say this keeping in mind that there are creationist or proponents of intelligent design that are deists.