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Are there any Ahmadiyyah Muslims on Debate?

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7/5/2014 8:28:19 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Ahmadiyyah Muslims are the only Muslims who practice a religion of peace. And of course they are persecuted by mainstream Sunni and Shiite Muslims who practice a religion of war.

Lately, we've seen how easy it is for Sunni and Shiite Muslims to fall into fascist ideology because Muhammadism basically is a religious type of fascist ideology, one where human rights have no existence but only obedience to the One Man and his ideas pretending to be God's Voice. Muhammadism will always be a danger to non-Muslims because of its inherent fascist totalitarian ideology. We are witnessing the spread of overt warfare that is inherent in Muhammadism that will compel Muslims to war, even against each other when there is no non-Muslim targets. When Muslims want to grow up and get a real religion they need to check out Celestial Torah Christianity because they won't be deceived again by earthly priesthoods pretending to be leaders of God consciousness.