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Jay Smith and his new stupid claims 2

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7/18/2014 10:13:31 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
There is an article published by jay smith on web site ( ) which talks about contradictions in Quran. I discussed some of them here : .

Now I want to discuss his grammatical errors in Quran (I5) .
First of all he doesn't give any source for Arabic grammar and how did he come to that conclusion.
Secondly, Quran was the source for deriving Arabic grammar, means scholars of Arabic language used Quran as a source. It is like to say the formula for area of triangle contradicts geometry.
Thirdly, Jay Smith doesn't speak Arabic (I haven't seen any evidence for contrary).
Fourthly, each contradiction is taken from Googlestan, just copy and paste to Search box, and you will see the reason.
Fifthly, there is no person in lifetime of Muhammad (s.a.w.) made such claim.
Sixthly, he quotes Dashti, but he doesn't tell you, Dashti is Iranian rationalist, and he doesn't believe that Quran is revelation, and he also was British spy.

In 6th point Jay says that "In sura 3:59, the words Kun feekunu should be written, Kun fakaana." - But he doesn't explain what that means. Firstly it is "kun fayakoonu" and it means "Be! And He/It is." Means God said be, and it is (it came to existence, and exists). It can't say what Jay tries to say, then it would be he/it was, which can mean he/it is not now (it doesn't exist anymore).

Thanks for reading....
This is red.
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7/18/2014 9:47:28 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Non-Muslims have only one concern of Muslims: Why are you so violent? Why do follow a 7th century fascist ideology making up a violent god that matches the violent warlord?

You Muslims don't have a real religion you know. It's the same thing as Nazism or Communism idolizing men: Muhammad = Hitler, = Stalin. You are a danger to all freedom loving, human rights loving peoples on earth with your totalitarian ideology. Please go back to university and learn why we in the West, especially America, will not tolerate any more Nazis regardless of religious covering.

Muhammadism = religious Nazism. Zionism = religious Nazism. Both fascist nationalistic ideologies masquerading as religions and both dangerous as hell to human rights.