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Humility in the Christian life

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7/22/2014 2:56:29 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
As Christians, we are sometimes puffed by pride and self-entitlement to everything given to us because we have the truth. We feel we have a right to force down the Word into someone's life and we brag about our own lives as spiritual believers, but we forget who we are. I look at Israel and i find a lack of identity, i noticed the Egyptians have their architecture (Pyramids), every civilization has it's own grand story to tell, but Israel is rarely ever mentioned in our history books. Israel barely has a national symbol.

When we are to preach to non-believers, we are to lower ourselves to the state of being sinner Why? Because we are not saved by our own efforts, it is the power of our God that saves us. You know why the proud fall? Because they elevate themselves into something higher than what they really are. In everything we do, we are to glorify God as the giver of our abilities and talents. Lower yourself and then you will be exalted.