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The coming of New Islam

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7/25/2014 9:53:07 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
As Debate followers of the Islam discussions know, I am no fan of Muhammad and am of the opinion after reading the Quran several times, taking notes on its content, and comparing its words with the real actions of Muslims following Muhammad's book, that Muhammadism, the religion Muhammad commanded from his book, the Quran, is not of God at all but counterfeit man-made theology and very bad theology at that.

I could list all the verses in Muhammad's book that show a mind any person who values freedom of belief and being must reject because of fascist ideology in religious form being commanded of Muhammad's believers. And it's not only social life threatening fascist ideology that Muhammad teaches but also teaching his followers how not to think rationally but emotionally about God and society. Muhammad relies heavily on the ancient social acceptance of warlord rulership, the Strong Man rules, which is based on fascist ideology, the Takers taking by brute force from everyone else and using brute force to terrorize those who would resist. Fascism is all about Takers taking from everyone else for their own benefit. And doing the taking by using terrorism, threat of extreme violence against those who resist.

But there are millions of believers in Muhammad and his book who try every day to be the best people they can be, trying much harder in many cases than their Christian or Jewish counterparts. I cannot but honor these good Muslims. I have Ahmadiyyah Muslim friends and some Sufi ones too who are as far away from violence as can be. These are good people because they ACT the behavior of good people, ones helping others in need, not advocating warfare but seeing to real human needs.

God has seen these people too and as a prophesy bearer I want all Muslims to know that a New Islam is coming that corrects, like Christianity corrected Judaism, the spiritual and moral errors of the ancient men struck by God consciousness but still historically bound to the cultural values of their times thus the lens of prophesy gets conditioned by the times of the prophet. Some prophesies are timeless, most are time bound.

Because they have been treated the worst in Muhammadism, it will be Muslim women who restructure Islam to make it the most wonderful of religious beliefs. Already the Ahmadiyyahs know "Christian" love of others and daily practice it by simply viewing Muhammad's more vicious commands in the most positive possible light, the same with the man himself, i.e. they know about treating everyone as Family members, instead of putting uniforms on everyone to create "sides" in these eternal war games males will play if allowed by society to do so. Women know how to overcome war game playing behavior instinctively because they know what's most important to society. Men don't.

New Islam, it's coming.