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Modern day Christians and atheists lie

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7/26/2014 1:24:07 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Modern day Christians and atheists are proven wrong, they all believe that matter is real and such, but Bible is a deception, skeptics are liars, scientists agree with me, and I was a skeptic atheist too but everything you think is actually invisible waves from the creator and you cannot know the truth, okay?

The creator told HC Nevami the PRophet that the world is actually composed of wavelengths from the creaters mind. The physical things are lies and scientists do not actually know anything because true believers will agree with me and the bible has fake passages added to it by the Illuminati, okay. You should stop hold on delusion that world is physical and become real believer because:

32=God * (69=passion / 69=shrek + 83 =is 93=love'n'life) = 69

69 Most sacred number in world. I AM TRUE PROFIT ER I MEAN PrOPHET. Disagreement is evil EDUCATED stupid because ITS TRUU and ONLY REAL BELIEVERS will realize that what I say IS mAkE SeNsE.

People DISAGREE with me because of EVIL educated stupid. YOU are program in certan way by evil ILLUMINATY SCHOOL to THINK CERTAIN WAY and always agree and blind by LIE OF PHYSICAL WORLD and thelie of BIBLe and ScIeNcE!

69 is LOVE, 69 is LIFE AND ANSWER TO worlds QUESTION. Its because of IILLUMINATI hidden code EQUAITON hiden from you by EVIL PUBIC SCHOOL

Worlds most sacred and well kept SECRET EQUATION:

32=God * (69=passion / 69=shrek + 83 =is 93=love'n'life) = 69
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