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Elijah was fed by ravens. I feed ravens

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8/8/2014 9:00:53 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Every morning and evening, and sometimes at lunch. Can call a flock of ravens flying high in the sky down to the ground by simply moving my arm in a "come on" gesture, they know me that well now. I feed goats and horses other smaller birds on my walks to the library and around our very pleasant little town that still has pastures with animals. My Christianity is infused with Native American respect for animals along with my Celestial Torah knowledge coming from Egypt which too in their religion highly respected the animal/human bond between us. Because ironically it is by respecting our animals that we become more human ourselves, they teach us so much to be grateful for.

I have formed many bonds with wild animals over the years and have found this amazing fact to be true: given half a chance to form a friendship bond with a human being a wild animal will try to do it. They want to be friends if possible. Now I'm not talking about big predators that can eat you but smaller animals all the way down to insect level. As with human beings, sharing food is the medium of cultural exchange and friendship bond formation. I don't buy "animal food". I share what I eat or as with the ravens, what I don't eat off of meat, they get the meat scraps. Ravens love fig bar bits, btw. Sometimes it's looked like a scene out of The Birds when a flock of them are sitting patiently on the telephone lines waiting for me to fling out some tasty tidbits for them.