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Many Questions...

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8/18/2014 9:44:47 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Few questions I'd love to hear your opinion on:
If there was no death, why were Adam and Eve even tempted to eat the fruit, when they didn't require food? As they couldn't starve due to no death...
Secondly, why did God create the digestive system?
Did God ever account for over population?
If God 'hates gays', why did he create a 'g-spot' in the male's anus? That could only be stimulated with a penis?
Why did God allow Jacob and Esau's father to grant a blessing to the wrong son when he saw (assuming he is omniscient) the lying that was going on?
What's the point in prayers?! Assuming god is omniscient, he already knows what you are praying for...? And surely, when they are not granted, does this mean God only grants certain wishes? And how does he decide whose needs are more desperate than others?
Did God in fact create pedophilia, rape, molestation, etc etc? As he created man, and so therefore created the capacity for man to create the idea, and then allows man to act upon it?
Why did God only give us one life?
What is God's explanation for allowing his followers to sin?
If God is omnibenevolent, surely he loved women? So why can't women preach?
God created menstruation, so why were women victimised and abused for this by 'bible folk'?
Thanks for your time in enlightening me on these,
Awaiting your replies,
Del x