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Papyrus/Parchment Transmission of NT/Others

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9/10/2014 10:08:22 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Just reading about how these texts are copied and commissioned, where parchment (made form animal skin) goes through a considerable process of preparation to become writing material, I am unclear on papyrus however.

The earliest manuscripts were written on papyrus, not parchment (any reason why?), which is a material made from papyrus reeds, what would be the reason for using one material over another?

Commissioning a parchment codex/manuscript is obviously extremely expensive, I can only guess that papyrus is a cheaper (and lower quality) material that is usually made into scrolls (since it's less pliable), whereas parchment is used if you want a book (what are the advantages of each?).

Would like someone to inform me if possible? Or point to reading material? I was under the impression that commissioning the earliest copies of the Gospels of the NT would have been a prohibitively costly endeavour, what is the respective cost of commissioning something written on papyrus vs commissioning a codex?