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Are you God? Am I, are we all God?

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9/22/2014 9:46:06 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
You are a being that has exploded yourself into an uncountable number of pieces. For each individual who is reading this right now, YOU are viewing your entire being from one of an uncountable number of perspectives.

You are God in disguise.

You see, being all-that-is, is quite boring. because you can't experience anything, you can't enjoy anything because every"THING" is you! You don't even know that you're alive, because in order to be alive, you have to exist. In order to exist, you have to be separate from "other". I know I'm me, because I can see that which is NOT me. That constitutes my individual existence.

As God, How do you create a self that is separate from "other" if you are ALL THAT IS? How can you experience any"thing" unless it is in contrast to "other" ?

So YOU spent considerable time on this subject , until finally, you say "AHHHAAA! I may not be able to separate myself, but I can give myself the illusion that I am separate. But how do I do that?"

First of all,in order to experience myself as other (in other words, in order to live a life), I have to forget that I am everything. Because, if I know that I am everything, then I just as well remain as I AM.

How do I forget myself? How do I experience this concept called existence? So you close your "eyes" and...



Now, trillions of years later, here you are. Reading this thread. Throughout the trillions of years, from being a universe, to a galaxy, to a star, planet, and ultimately to where you are right now.

The illusion that you have created for yourself is better than ever, because you truly believe that you are a separate "thing" experiencing existence. You're dream has come true BUT.....

This dream has been going on for so long, and you are so convinced that you are a "little ol' you" you are beginning to confront the question of WHO you are. So you use all available tools at your disposal to try to answer that question, mainly your five senses.

So you are in fact, looking at everything you have created. To try and find evidence of what or who created it. You either come up with the concept of God and leave it at that, or you clench to another idea which is that the Big bang started it all.

This wall that you constantly hit, in your attempt to understand reality, is the very illusion you created for the purpose of experiencing existence. That is, duality, or contrast of this and other, or separateness. It's a rock hard illusion that is difficult to see through. Hopefully, you can see why.

The illusion that blocks you from figuring out who you are and what created you, was created by YOU in order to experience life itself.

Now, when I say you are GOD, that applies to everyone reading this, and not reading this. It applies to every"THING" you see in the world around you, including the universe(s) itself and beyond.

All of existence is a microcosm of the Whole, therefore you can look within yourself to further understanding of the nature of this reality you've created for yourself.

Dreams are a perfect thing to use in understanding what is happening. For instance, in order to experience things in your life, you create and experience dreams at night. Every dream is a sort of "big bang" of an entire universe, experienced from a singular point of view, yours. However, when you are in the dream, you are completely unaware of the fact that you created the "YOU" in the dream, as well as the other people in it. You also created the world that you are experiencing your dream from, including the weather, the houses, cars, trees on and on... In other words, you create a completely convincing reality in which you truly believe (for the time being) that you are separate from everything you see. But in reality, you are everything you're looking at, projected in different forms. You do this, so that you can have adventures and experiences. When you wake up, you're pulling your consciousness OUT of the "you" in the dream, and back into the "you" or God that created it.

This is happening in your "waking" life as well. Everything you see, is incomprehensibly created by the REAL you. Everybody and everything you see IS YOU. Convincing isn't it?

What if I was able to project myself into your dream, walk up to you and say "You created this whole world", would you believe me? of course not. You would have to be out of your mind. Perhaps coming out of one's mind, ideas, concepts and beliefs is a starting point to hearing and understanding what other beings have been saying to you, be it buddha or jesus, krishna or any other awakened human being from the past or present.

YOU ARE 100 percent GOD. And God is 100 percent of everything you see and don't see.