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Personal call-outs: Aren't they awesome?

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10/2/2014 8:27:26 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Call outs are a time-honored tradition of the religion forum, and we should keep it that way. Call outs improve logical debate, bring us closer to the truth, and advances humanity. Call outs should be encouraged and declared as the best way to debate on

Call outs encourage logical debate, as people being called out learn that they are awful people and should no longer go onto, meaning that non-awful people, or people that we should agree with, end up being the only people on the website. Non-awful people use logic in their debates as opposed to the awful people that we disagree with.

Call outs bring us closer to the truth as people who spread lies are called out. Those lie spreaders leave the website and magical rainbow fairies will give us the truth about religion after all of the lie spreaders are called out and leave the site.

Call outs are the single thing that advances humanity more than any other action, as it encourages people to call other people out so people that they disagree with won't interfere with their plans with advancing humanity.

Call outs are a staple of this forum. Doing call outs increases logic, truth, and humanity. We should encourage all outs and make it the best way to debate on this website.