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The Difference Between Monkey and Christian

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10/24/2014 8:13:48 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The Christian has more power of reason than the monkey. This is not an insult or attack on Christians any more than "The difference between monkey and atheist" was an attack on atheists personally. I am trying to get discussion going about beliefs relating to what makes us different than the animals.

What did the monkey say when the Christian asked it where we came from?

The monkey said nothing.

What makes the monkey smarter than the Christian?

The monkey said nothing.

In my opinion, anybody who asks a monkey where we came from is wasting time and I don't think monkeys waste time with things like that. Do you? I think the monkey is smarter than anybody who asks it where we came from.

Maybe the atheist does not ask the monkey where we came from, maybe the atheist believes we both came from a common ancestor. Some Christians believe the same thing, mixing evolution with creation. I don't know the personal beliefs of many atheists here, I'm trying to get past "there is no God" I was an atheist for much of my life. I don't like to talk about those days too much. I was a bad boy. I'm still a bad boy, but there is a new life in me from God, believe it or not. The new life is much better than the old for me. Before long, I will be comeplety free from and living above the old life never again to be entangled by in in ways that are toxic to me and to others around me. The toxicity I am referring to is sin. Sin is unrighteousness, falling short of perfection, breaking the moral law of God which is not subject to change by mankind. "Thou shalt not bear false witness agaisnt thy neighbor" is one expression of God's holy moral law. Even if we spend our time imagining or planning ways of bringing false accusations or half truth malicious reports agaisnt another, we are in the time of those thoughts or imaginations breaking God's law. If we break the law of God in one point, we have broken God's law. We all have broken God's holy law in one way or another and we are all guilty before God who is the only One innocent and worthy to condemn us to Hell. He owns everything He created, though some of His creatures have alienatetd themselves from Him and refused His call for them to return to Him and know that He loves them and desires to make peace with them.

Returning more to focus on the forum topic, what really makes us better or different than the animals? What proves we are different or better than the animals? Is it our capacity to talk to God with god-like powers of reasoning and imagination, or is it nothing at all which makes us more than an animal and in fact we are only animals and there is no God who we could be made in the image of?