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Existence without objective evidence

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10/25/2014 11:24:00 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I often hear claims that something without objective evidence means non-existence. For example: Beastt said "So if God exists, there should be valid physical evidence, of an objective nature."

So to emphasize, when he looks for 'objective evidence' he means "...valid *physical* evidence of an objective nature." When I pressed him about the objectivity of the existence of 'color' here's what he said:

"So YES, color objectively exists, every bit as much as does sound."


"YES, color DOES exist as an intrinsic property of light! What you and Ben can't seem to understand is that color IS wavelength!"

This is an independent source that challenges that claim:

"Point is, light comes in a lot of different wavelengths, but which wavelengths correspond to which color, or which can even be seen, depends entirely on the eyes of the creature doing the looking, and not really on any property of the light itself. There isn"t any objective "real" color in the world. The coloring of the rainbow is nothing more than a shared (reliable, consistent, and kick-a**) illusion.

I still have the offer to send the author your rebuttal pending.