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Believing in something without justification

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11/9/2014 12:25:55 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I hate seeing people believing in something without logical reasons or evidence, believing it becuase its stirring emotions. like some christains like Jay Smith the debater guy when asked what evidence you have to justify your belief, they starting to throw emotional arguments like "bible is full of love, Jesus is love, there is no such book as the bible" stuff like that. pretty lame. why not come with some good evidences proving its the word of God? from the same group we have lots of muslims saying the same arguments about Islam, but thats also proving nothing, illogical.

so please if you have emotional "proofs" like jay smith you are wasting time!! good luck to you.

do you have real proofs for your beliefs, or if you will see in another holy books more "proof" would you consider checking it? i think the only holy book that have real evidences is the Quran following logic you will end at Islam, if you think otherwise critisize im sure you have something there to bash..
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