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3 most important questions you can ask.

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11/11/2014 2:57:44 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
what are we? what are we in relation to each other? and why are we here? what are we asks are we physical beings lacking free will or are we spiritual/physical beings who have free will. this will determine what everybody deserves in part or whole depending on your answer. what are we in relation to each other is a question you ask on the job or something and the answer determines what is appropriate treatment. the answer i believe is equals when we are not on the clock. this means no one is more important than anyone else and someones wishes shouldnt be deemed more important than others wishes aside from the obvious reasons. why are we here is a question that must be asked before you know what to do with your life. if we are here for no reason then the best thing you can do is help people and prevent pain and suffering when and where you can. if your here because jews need to die then you should be killing jews. the problem with jews and our leaders dogas is that they give us hundreds of answers to these questions that cant all be true. so dont believe your religion or your elders just ask the questions yourself and search for answers inside your own mind. those who do mostly come to the same answers while those who trust their religions all come to different opposing answers giving them different opposing moralities.