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Who would Jesus vote for?

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12/4/2014 5:00:25 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
He'd vote for Mikal, I my opinion. Mikal and Jesus have a lot in common.

1. Just like God Mikal, knows everything. his Elo is 9,000 and may be higher than even God's Elo.

2. Mikal is honest even when it makes people angry. Just as Mikal stands opposite of those who try not to offend (and in my opinion sacrifice honesty to achieve this) with his honesty.

3. Just like Jesus, Mikal is a great divider of men. He is either loved or hated.

Check out Mikal's platform on the main page. He also has a question and answer thread open. Vote for the guy who is just like Jesus and who Jesus would vote for.

If you guys plan on voting for Mikal, send me a PM andI'll keep you updated on his latest campaign happenings.