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A New God. A New President.

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12/7/2014 2:30:46 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
People of the religion forum! I call unto thee heed my words! If you value your lives tho shalt open an ear upon thine words!

Atheist and theist hark! An election is coming, a new ruler shall be crowned! I beg of thee, repent your sinner ways and submit to the ultimate authority of DDO! Hail Juggles the God! No one has seen him, they refute his miracles, they say he doesn't exist. Well I tell you to repent!

Support the Bennett/Otter campaign for president and you will be spared His wrath.

We love you all, regardless of your beliefs, we care about you so much. Please, support us, and together we will make DDO a better place!
"The annoying kid has a point. Let's revolt in this bitch!" - The Boondocks

The Prophet Sanders preaching the Word []