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Thoughts on selfishness

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12/16/2014 5:47:18 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
This is a spiritual thread. It is not intended for Christians only. I am posting this so that this board is not simply filled with angry people bickering about how everyone else is wrong but themselves. I sat observing juvenile court yesterday observing young people charged with petty theft, battery, etc. I nearly cried several times. All I could do was pray for the children and their families, and hope that by the court's intervention they change themselves and live the right way. I have a strong desire to serve people such as the children in juvenile hall. Many of them have such little opportunity to live well.

I was once a very selfish person. During this time I was also very unhappy. I learned from others that to be happy, I must serve other people. I gave their suggestion a try, and was thoroughly transformed.

Selfishness is good. We must take care of ourselves. However, I have learned through spiritual experience that I am happiest when I give to other people.

In this thread, share an experience of service that has changed you or had some special meaning to you.

I had such an experience while working as a restaurant manager. My area director ran a ministry to the homeless in which he and his wife bought and cooked meals for the homeless in our area. They cooked 100+ meals once a week. One week he invited me to go. I joined him, and continued to help him feed for 2 1/2 years. Most homeless people choose to be on the street; they like life better that way. Every once in a while someone would get off the street for good. However, these moments were rare.

One night I met a 21 year old man at a homeless shelter. He had some mental issues, including very intense migraines. I prayed with him. He asked me to give him a ride to pick up his migraine medication the following Friday. He was not on drugs, and was living with his aunt in a bus stop. I took him to get his medication, and got him some food and toiletries. The following week he got off the street for good, on his own.
He still calls me to tell me about his job and his faith. We went eat at Waffle House a couple of weeks ago. I am so happy that he is doing well. I am so grateful to have met him, because he has helped me as much as I have helped him. To be able to serve others brings joy to my life. I am very grateful for this joy.

Anyways posters, in this thread, post an experience of service that warms your heart. Or post about someone that has helped you. Warm the hearts of your fellow posters! Again, this thread is not just for Christians. Sometimes it is important to remember that though we may believe different things about the universe, God, or religion, that we are all still human and are united in the HUMAN CAUSE. If you have not helped anyone lately, then do it today! Get you some of that joy!
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