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Fear of Death & Cognitive Bias

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12/26/2014 7:10:18 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
The fear of death no doubt played a part in my life, and influenced my earlier religious views. Since then I have dropped virtually all my fears of death, as I will never live to experience death. There simply is nothing to be afraid of in death, it only matters if you value staying alive, which we all do, but valuing staying alive isn't sufficient for a fear of death to be rational, as it simply cannot be a part of our lives.

It's of absolutely no surprise that people have seemed to escape this irrational fear for as long as civilisation has existed. All sorts of supernatural "escape routes", including elixirs of life, rebirth, immortality, and of course a transcendent 'spirit'. Pretty much study after study shows a string relationship between the fear of death and religiosity. It's unsurprising that the religions most spoken about do indeed have something to say on immortality (of the soul), as is the case in virtually every single denomination of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Tao, some secs of Buddhism, etc.

It's always the same story in different clothes, regardless of which culture you go to. The pyramids didn't build themselves, it was the fear of death which drove such a massive project. And so on.

Nowadays religion reenforces that very fear of death, especially in Christianity and Islam for instance, which introduces the notion of eternal punishment for those who do not adhere to their doctorines. Thus, they become 'mind-cages' which are most difficult for people to escape, due to the believed repercussions of doubting their own beliefs if they were wrong in their doubts, along with the already powerful fear of death.

Thus, it is my motion to combat this fear before addressing religion in society today, as the fear of death demonstrably overrides rational reasoning in many instances, even if the reasoning is crystal clear.

Let's face it, we are all going to die, and our consciousnesses are going to expire. If it wasn't for death we would never be here, and countless creatures are dying for us at this very second so that U.S. very few capable of browsing DDO can survive that bit longer. Thus, while the fear of death is irrational, it is also a 'first world problem' in the grand scheme of things.