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I don`t like what Jesus did for me (rant)

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12/27/2014 3:08:46 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
If Jesus existed, Was the son of god, and died for my sins I don't like him!

If we are did something bad (which apparently being born is sinning in gods eyes) then we should be punished for being bad.

Letting someone take our punishment for us is shameful, this is not a gift!

If a man murdered people and got the death penalty would it be right to let his mother take his punishment for him then let him go? Why not?

For all the Christians who accept this and thank god for sacrificing his son, I have to say, Thats horrible!!! Punishing the innocent to free the guilty.

The worst "person" in all of this is god. He created all of us, hell, and created sin. He created his son knowing that he would be killed. He dammed many people to hell before he let his son die. There was no free will, nothing anyone could do to avoid going to hell before Jesus existed.

Also Jesus's "gift" was not for everyone mind you, Only for people who believe this actually happened. If you don't worship god and his son your screwed!
If I had a kid and he didn't believe in me (even if i gave him everything i could) I would never torture him forever! what kind of sick person does that!... right god.

side note: [Atheists often get accused that they just want to keep on sinning and that's why they are atheists. Why wouldn't a Christian keep on sinning? Sure there is a scoreboard that god keeps track of but at least you wont be going to hell forever (like the atheists or the wrong people). ]

To be truthfully i would rather burn then be in heaven forever with a self esteem impaired sadist like god.