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1/1/2015 8:50:59 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Without going into unnecessary details, I had a dream which reminded me of a book I once read called The Origins and History of Consciousness in which the author, Erich Neumann, writes about primitive agricultural societies that would sacrifice their kings on the altar allowing their heirs to ascend to power. In these societies, the kings were associated with the sun; and, as the old sun died to make way for a new one, so must the old king to accommodate a new reign. As we look a little more intently at our surroundings, we notice a lot must die to accommodate new life. This is especially true with plants: the parent is born, develops throughout the year, and dies, only, that its seedlings will be nourished by its passing. A death must take place, and with death, there is pain.

To often, we forget in order to develop, or grow, much pain and death is needed. We must slowly, and in some cases quickly, bury our former selves; and with this process of renewal, in many instances, involves noticeable pain: death to old worn out thoughts, a purging of unnecessary habits, and a burial of paralyzing customs. We must find ourselves in all things new, not condemning our past as worthless and unnecessary but making it a nourishing foundation for our renewal.