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Is This Offensive?

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2/5/2015 9:28:30 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
It's actually very funny. At least it appeals to my sense of humor. BUT...whoever made the video should have used a tripod. The excessive camera movement is totally annoying.
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2/5/2015 10:20:37 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I wouldn't say offensive; I would say idiotic, though. When I first saw the title of the video, I thought that this was a view inside the atheist summer camp. I thought, "They actually have featured entertainers make fun of the religious in atheist summer camp? How dumb!"

Then I realized that this is actually an entertainer at a Christian summer camp making fun of Muslims and atheists. The idiocy seems never ending...

Yep, that atheist summer camp is looking classier and more productive to me with every thread about it...
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2/6/2015 3:59:34 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
At 2/5/2015 7:48:25 PM, ChristianPunk wrote:
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Tim Hawkins.

-Tim walks on stage-

No bodies care about the children...........

I mean considering all the stuff that "God" doesn't accomplish I would hope the irony would dawn upon some religious believers..........

It won't...........

With that said I got a chuckle.
"Seems like another attempt to insert God into areas our knowledge has yet to penetrate. You figure God would be bigger than the gaps of our ignorance." Drafterman 19/5/12